Reconnective Healing is an interaction with an intelligent and informative frequency bandwidth consisted of energy, light and information that harmoniously affects the body, mind, and benefits us to become more vital, more energetic, more productive, more communicative, more aware, more conscious, more truthful. The nature of frequencies is real, tangible and measurable. You can really feel it.


The design of the body and mind is perfect and inherent in the Universe, so it organizes and re-organizes by itself.  It doesn't need to add something to make it even more complete. It does not need any interference.  What the interaction with the Reconnective Frequencies really does is that the unhealthy materials (energetic, mental, emotional) that are suppressed in the body and mind in the form of interference, are starting to emerge outside of them. Then, the body and mind use their own intelligence unhinderedly and introduce these moments into harmony, in relation with flow and rhythm of the Universe.

After interaction with this frequency bandwidth (energy, light and information ™), the person is receiving the energy fullness and begins to live more in the integrity with that truth. From that perspective, a person changes on every level - energetic, mental, emotional and physical.

The flow of the work goes beyond the energy techniques known so far on the planet. It cannot be directed or prioritized during the interaction. The potential of reconnective frequencies flows where it is most appropriate, in the rhythm of the Universe.

The natural flow of a session. “Come in. Lie down and close your eyes. Let yourself float, but don’t fall asleep”. ~ Dr. Eric Pearl

You are expected to lie back comfortably (without pillow) on the massage table, close your eyes and be relaxed. Let yourself float. You can observe the events that take place in the body and mind. To receive energy, light and information™, it is best to be in a state of openness and expectation without being tied to the endpoint and effect. The session lasts about 30 minutes. Be sure to turn off your mobile phone before the session. You can keep the jewelry on you if it's comfortable. Your leting go in session is vital to its flow. That means don't do any effort, don't direct energy, don't concentrate,  don't visualize, not to meditate, do not use special breathing techniques. Relax, let go and observe.

Reconnective Healing™ is performed in 1 ~ 3 sessions, in-person or via distance, for 30 minutes.

RH™ sessions can be performed via distance no matter where you are actually on the planet. They are a great option for people who cannot travel. The effects are exactly the same during live in-person session or distance session.


RH™ distance sessions

Reconnective Healing
sessions can be performed via distance no matter where a person is on the planet, and they are great option for people who cannot travel. The effect is the same as during a in-person sessionRead More


The Personal Reconnection™

An accurate energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information™ and benefits a person to upgrade, direct, and accelerate her potentials, as well as to understand her life course. Read More

RH™ for animals


Interaction with this potential of reconnective frequencies (energy, light and information ™) can benefit many animals, both pets and wildlife, using them to become more vital, energetic  and harmonious. Read More

Rekonekcija i nauka

Scientific References


Incredible insights are made from experiments in laboratory conditions. For example, the interaction with frequencies changes the heart waves, brain waves, raises the level of oxygen in the blood... Read More