Renowned scientists are conducting scientific researches and experiments in order to understand the completeness of the effects of reconnective frequencies (energy, light and information™) on humans, flora and fauna.

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Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
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Dr. William A. Tiller
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Dr. Gary Schwartz
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Dr. Lynne McTaggart
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Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
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The first element is energy. We are energy. Our body is regarded as the precise scale of atoms and its elements. The emotions and thoughts of the mind are energy. So, all we can see is actually energy. Durring the interaction with reconnective frequencies, we are actually communicating with the Universe through light resonance, and so we exchange information.

Quantum physics explains that we exist in the four-dimensional reality of height, width, depth and time within a multidimensional universe. In quantum physics, these elements are represented by the bubble (balloon) of existence. The elements within the bubble are represented by energy, and the elements of the bubble itself are height, width, depth and time. In the nature of the bubble is to expand (as if filling a balloon with air) and thus it becomes thinner, more airy, more transparent, more permeable and gradually disappears. During this process, we receive the opportunity to see and feel new potential that exists beyond current reality, much further in the universe and beyond energy, in new aspects of light and information that could not be seen on planet Earth. In this relation, reconnective frequencies are new on Earth as their nature expands beyond energy and energy techniques. When we reconnect with this new bandwidth of reconnective frequencies, we are interacting more fully with the multidimensional universe.

Incredible insights have been made from many experiments in laboratory conditions. For example, that interaction with reconnective frequencies is changeing heart waves, brain waves, raises oxygen level in the blood, increases the metabolism and immunity of the organism, revitalizes and energizes the body, increases the energy potential that the body emits and brings a higher level of light coherence, affects the relevation of human emotions, restructures DNA, and improves top sports performance.

The effects of Reconnective Healing™ are presented in the book "Science Confirms Reconnective Healing" by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. The theoretical part is appropriately explained in the book "The Living Energy Universe" by Dr. Gary Schwartz. The nature of energy, light and information™ is described in the book of Dr. Eric Pearl, "The Reconnection: Heal others, Heal yourself". The book "The Field" by Dr. Lynne McTaggart is explaining the consciousness of the zero point, and that is, the etherical field in which we live.

Reconnective Healing™

Is return to an optimum state of balance. It happens as a natural result of interaction with an extensive and intelligent frequency bandwidth consisted of Energy, Light and Information™.  
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The Reconnection™

Formerly known as 'Personal Reconnection' is an accurate energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information ™ noticed in the potential of Reconnective Healing™. Read More



Interaction with energy, light and information ™ initiates appropriate effects in person that are starting to develop a new and more natural vision of health, harmony, vitality and Life Progress™. Read More


Dr. Eric Pearl

Wishing that RH approaches to others, the nature of this work took Eric to over 100 countries in which he made impact on millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to access this natural gift. Vidi temu

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