In the early 1990s, Dr. Eric Perl discovered a connection with the Reconnective frequencies and soon began working with them to provide appropriate healing for people around the globe that often happen instantaneously and can last a lifetime. The nature of this work is today recognized by its exact names as Reconnective Healing™ and Personal Reconnection™. Reconnective Healing™ focuses on healing. The process of Personal Reconnection™ focuses more on understanding your life course. Of course, these are not two completely independent things. There is mutual overlap, expansion and growth in them.

During the interaction, the intelligence of the reconnective frequencies actually "sees" the real potential of the person and then provides a comprehensive realization of her needs, at the exact speed and rhythm of the universe. After the interaction the appropriate effects begin to "unfold" and can enhance person health, career, love relationships. Of course, the person interactively participates in the process and also becomes healthier, more aware, more flexible, more natural, more soulful, more truthful. The interaction with energy encourages appropriate effects that are starting to develop a new and more natural vision of health, harmony, vitality, fullness and life progress. The nature of the effects is relative and varies from person to person. Relaxation, deep inner peace, physical vitality, thinking flexibility, more appropriate alignment with the planet's rotation and the seasons, more appropriate sleep, stronger concentration, memory, more precise use of language, beginning to prioritize health, overcoming life challenges more appropriately, gaining a natural impulse to provide and receive love, understanding own emotions -- are representing a few of them. 

When we reconnect with this comphrehensive spectrum of healing frequencies (energy, light and information™) during the session, we are entering a continuous state of receiving, interaction, evolution and transformation on all levels. 
Thus, a person enters into the process of reconnection with her essence and begins to live more in integrity with that truth. From that perspective, the person changes at every level, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical. Of course, it all happens in correlation with persons current level of soul maturity, intellect and consciousness. So every person receives what is most appropriate for her.

Most importantly, after interacting with the reconnecting frequencies, the person starts to "emits" a new vibration, so her nature also heals her environment. Directly or indirectly. For example, if, after receiving a RH™ session, we "give" someone a look, a smile, or a hug, there is a real potential in that act, that person actually received a part of these frequencies at the subconscious level.

Reconnective frequencies are helping you to understand on a deeper level, that we are all interconnected, not just to the people around us, but to nature, the planet, and the universe.


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Reconnective Healing™

Is return to an optimum state of balance. It happens as a natural result of interaction with an extensive and intelligent frequency bandwidth consisted of Energy, Light and Information™.  
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The Reconnection™

Formerly known as 'Personal Reconnection' is an accurate energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information ™ noticed in the potential of Reconnective Healing™. Read More



Interaction with energy, light and information ™ initiates appropriate effects in person that are starting to develop a new and more natural vision of health, harmony, vitality and Life Progress™. Read More


Dr. Eric Pearl

Wishing that RH approaches to others, the nature of this work took Eric to over 100 countries in which he made impact on millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to access this natural gift. Vidi temu

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