Renowned scientists are conducting scientific researches and experiments in order to understand the completeness of the effects of reconnective frequencies (energy, light and information™) on humans, flora and fauna.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is Deputy Director of the Federal Institute for Physical Education in St. Petersburg. ~ Professor of Computing and Biophysics at the University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg ~ Professor of Research at the Academy of Physical Education in St. Petersburg ~ President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography ~ Advisor for Aveda, a company that manufactures cosmetics on a natural basis (USA) ~ Member of the editorial board: "Alternative and Complementary Medicine" as well as journals to promote scientific healing. He has published more than 200 papers in leading physics and biology journals. He is the author of 9 books that have been translated into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, including "Afterlife Lights: Experiments and Ideas on Changing Kirlian After-Death Photography." ~ Its scientific brand, the Electrophotonic Camera®, goes beyond Kirlian's photography and is used to directly view and measure human energy fields in real time.

Dr. Korotkov states that without understanding energy, without understanding the human spirit, we cannot even get a true understanding of the planet. "We have many types of energies on the planet, and we can measure them with instruments. In ancient materials, many levels of energy fields are listed. From a physical point of view, these are actually frequencies. That's how we emit light."

The effects of Reconnective Healing ™ (RH) are presented in Dr. Konstantin Korotkov's book "Science Confirms Reconnective Healing"

William A. Tiller.jpg

Dr. William Tiller

Stanford University Emeritus Professor - Department of Material Science. ~ Author of eight books, 250 scientific papers and stars of "What The Bleep ...!?" ~ More than 30 years he is studying subtle energies. Read More

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Dr. Gary Schwartz

Director of the Awareness Lab at Arizona State University. ~ Director of Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology and Surgery ~ Director, Laboratories for the Advancement of Awareness and Health.
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Dr. Lynne McTaggart


Lecturer, author and publisher. Author of six books, including "The Intention Experiment" and "The Field". Her  personal development program called "Field Life" that is based on zero point field interpretation. Read More

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Dr. Eric Pearl

Wishing that RH approaches to others, the nature of this work took Eric to over 100 countries in which he made impact on millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to access this natural gift. 
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